What really is an insurance brokerage? I get asked this all the time ! I also hear folks around town say “My insurance carrier is Eagle Harbor Insurance”.

This question or puzzle has a clear , yet broad answer:

An insurance brokerage, such as Eagle Harbor Insurance is actually an intermediary between you the client

Spring appears to have finally arrived! If you are like myself, during the Bainbridge Island wintertime, we leave the house in the dark and return home in the dark. The color of the house, lawn, flowers and trees is lost in the winter darkness. Now that spring is here, rub your eyes, open them wide

Question of the week!

What is health insurance ” special enrollment “?

As we all know, the current health insurance marketplace is closed for open enrollment and you can no longer apply until the end of this year. What many folks don’t know ….. their is exceptions to this rule and some people may still

Today is the last business day of this years healthcare open enrollment. 2/13//15.

We offer many carriers and options outside and inside the Exchange program.

Please call us today if you still need help! 206 842 7410

The open enrollment period for health insurance is quickly closing. There is less than a month left to enroll and the final day is 2/15/15.

If you have questions, concerns, confusions, desire coverage etc…PLEASE call us!

We offer no pressure, FREE consultations to discuss your health insurance needs.

We offer plans both inside and outside

Their is still time to enroll in a health plan! DO NOT miss open enrollment.

We offer plans within the health exchange or on the private market.

Numerous carriers , deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and doctor options…something to fit everyone.

Call us today! 206 842 7410

Wow ,it is confusing!!!

Have questions about :

Affordable Care Act, Washington Healthfinder Website, Open Enrollment dates , Medicare Supplements, Open Market Health Insurance vs. Exchange plans.

We can help answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and offer you a proper plan for your lifestyle and budget.

At our agency we make time

Changes, Changes, and more Changes….Our agency is prepared.

Whether you qualify for coverage in the new Washington Health Exchange or not…WE CAN HELP!

If you are unsure if you qualify, we can help determine that as well.

We represent quality health insurance carriers for all income levels ( in and out of the exchange) and

With the current state of government and mandated health care looming, it would appear new health insurance options are on the near horizon. We are working diligently to keep up on the progress and changes to plans and new options for clients.

We encourage you to ask questions and call us anytime to review your current plan.

If you are considering changing, upgrading or enrolling in an individual health insurance plan for you and your family…..the time is now!

Open enrollment for individual health insurance , starts on 3/15/2013 and runs until 4/30/2013.

This is one of two chances annually to add children age 19 and under to an individual health policy…do not miss