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Homeowners Insurance on Bainbridge Island

Posted in Home Insurance, Insurance Coverages
Homeowners insurance …….Did you know? Extended coverage’s that can be added to most homeowners insurance policy: 1. Golf cart coverage. Own a golf cart? Then add it to your homeowners policy for liability insurance to be sure your covered while out on the course. 2. Own a rowing shell, kayak, SUP, small dingy with outboard?… Continue Reading

What we ” are” as Eagle Harbor Insurance

Posted in About Eagle Harbor Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Coverages, Insurance Rates
What really is an insurance brokerage? I get asked this all the time ! I also hear folks around town say “My insurance carrier is Eagle Harbor Insurance”. This question or puzzle has a clear , yet broad answer: An insurance brokerage, such as Eagle Harbor Insurance is actually an intermediary between you the client… Continue Reading

What we offer

Posted in Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Coverages
Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance. At Eagle Harbor Insurance , here on Bainbridge Island, we offer all lines of insurance coverage with a plan and cost to fit every need. We have access to almost any carrier you can request and can cover truly any risk. Give us a call… Continue Reading

Homeowner insurance on Bainbridge Island

Posted in Home Insurance
Bainbridge Island is a curious place for Homeowners insurance. Bainbridge is an island by definition ,which usually indicates limited access, limited fire departments, high protection class codes, and overall semi isolation. In our insurance brokerage, we have worked with our insurance carriers/ underwriters to better define the island risk . The end result ? Essentially… Continue Reading

Current Carriers and options with Eagle Harbor !!!

Posted in Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Rates
Kemper, Hartford, AARP, Progressive, Foremost, Philadelphia, Guide One, Zurich, National General, Fireman’s Fund, Markel, Red Shield, Premier, Ace, Chubb, CBIC, Navigators, One Beacon, Gotham, Arch…. and more! We have a carriers to meet EVERYONES needs! Home, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Commercial, Event, Bonds, E/O coverage, D/O Coverage ,Health Life, Disability, LTC.. we can do it all.… Continue Reading

Winter checklist for your home

Posted in Home Insurance
It’s that time of year again….WINTER! As with any other season, preparation is key. Here is a simple exterior checklist we recommend to keep your home in good working order….. starting from the roof and working your way down: 1.  Chimney cap, be sure your chimney has a chimney cap of some sort, preventing water entry into the… Continue Reading

7 Tips To Help Prevent Identity Theft

Posted in Home Insurance
We have all heard about the dangers of identity theft. It is a crime that can go unseen and occur within seconds, but the ramifications could be felt throughout the rest of your life. Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware that their identity has been stolen until it’s too late. Identity Theft may go undiscovered… Continue Reading

When Your Source of Joy Becomes Your Source of Strife

Posted in Home Insurance
Fall is fast approaching. Can’t you hear the sound of leaves crunching beneath you feet, as you make your way home after a long day at work? You pour yourself a cup of cocoa, snuggle up in your favorite comfy chair, and before you know it you hear the familiar jingle of your cat’s collar… Continue Reading

Welcome Summer!

Posted in Home Insurance
For those of you who are new to this site, or have visited before, we just want to say a big THANK YOU for checking out our blog. We created this blog to benefit our customers, as well as others, who had questions regarding insurance. Insurance can be intimidating and frustrating, but at Eagle Harbor… Continue Reading

Summer Sun & Water Protection

Posted in Home Insurance
Summer is coming and we are all starting to prepare our families; switching out the winter wardrobes for summer, pulling out the sandals, and stocking up on sun block. When the weather turns warm the first thing we think of is how to get our families near any type of water; beaches, pools, lakes, oceans, and… Continue Reading

Consumer Home Insurance Information

Posted in Home Insurance
Whether you are a homeowner or renter, home insurance offers important protection. For homeowners, insurance protects your home’s physical structure, as well as your personal property. In contrast, renter’s insurance only protects your personal property. Never assume that the landlord’s insurance covers you or your belongings. Landlord’s insurance only protects the building. Both homeowners and… Continue Reading