Here in the Northwest Earthquake Insurance is one of the most important types of Insurance to add to your Homeowner’s Policy…and yet it is also the most forgotten about. Thinking about Earthquake Insurance requires preparing for the worst, and yet as humans we tend to hold the mind set, “Oh that would never happen

June 5, 2006….The “Good Hands People” announced that they are dropping earthquake insurance to most of their insurance customers nationwide as part of a larger move to reduce exposure to catastrophic losses.

Eagle Harbor Insurance is a an independent agency and brokerage. We are not limited to the actions of one company. We have many

Earthquake insurance might not be the answer, but this is a question you should ask yourself BEFORE another one hits the Puget Sound area.

A litte more than five years ago, the 6.8 magnitude Nisqually Quake shook the central Puget Sound basin, causing nearly $3 billion damage and spawning 9,500 insurance claims.

The fault that