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Auto insurance rates vs coverage

Posted in Auto Insurance, Insurance Coverages, Insurance Rates
Rate vs. proper coverage Biggest Auto Insurance misconception: People think when they carry comprehensive and collision AKA: ” full coverage” , that they have everything they will need protection wise, in the event of any accident or issue. This could not be farther from the truth. Comprehensive and collision coverage is purely for the vehicle… Continue Reading

What we offer

Posted in Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Coverages
Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance. At Eagle Harbor Insurance , here on Bainbridge Island, we offer all lines of insurance coverage with a plan and cost to fit every need. We have access to almost any carrier you can request and can cover truly any risk. Give us a call… Continue Reading

Auto insurance rates explained..well sort of!

Posted in Auto Insurance, Insurance Rates
New drivers, young drivers, older drivers? Why do auto rates start high and eventually end just as high? I call it the “Insurance inverted bell curve” . When you are a young or a new/inexperienced driver, rates are high . As you gain experience, build a quality driving record, credit, and ability to pay, the… Continue Reading

Current Carriers and options with Eagle Harbor !!!

Posted in Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Rates
Kemper, Hartford, AARP, Progressive, Foremost, Philadelphia, Guide One, Zurich, National General, Fireman’s Fund, Markel, Red Shield, Premier, Ace, Chubb, CBIC, Navigators, One Beacon, Gotham, Arch…. and more! We have a carriers to meet EVERYONES needs! Home, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Commercial, Event, Bonds, E/O coverage, D/O Coverage ,Health Life, Disability, LTC.. we can do it all.… Continue Reading

Broad Form…what is it really?

Posted in Auto Insurance
Broad Form coverage….contrary to ad’s on TV …is actually designed for those, who DO NOT own a vehicle and need insurance coverage . Many folks are mislead to believe that if you own multiple cars, you can simply carry Broad Form coverage and have all the vehicles covered. This is untrue and can cause a… Continue Reading

Uninsured Drivers on the rise….. premium reductions needed

Posted in Auto Insurance
With our nations current economic struggles, it has been reported that more and more families are reducing costs, with auto insurance being one of the first items removed from the budget. Based on an article on MSN.com they project one in six drivers will be uninsured by years end. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30093235 I have personally spoke to… Continue Reading

Delivering Pizzas? You may need Drive Commercial Auto

Posted in Auto Insurance
Do you or your teenager earn a little extra spending money using your car – maybe delivering pizzas or other products? Many people don’t realize that their Personal Auto policy won’t cover vehicles when they’re used to earn money, including making deliveries. Be sure to check with your agent or broker to see whether you… Continue Reading

Starbucks and Insurance – What’s the Difference

Posted in Auto Insurance
Talking to a friend in the local Starbuck’s the other day, the topic of insurance came up. The question she asked me was, “When it comes to insurance what’s the difference anyway?” Surprisingly enough I get asked that question all the time. And thinking back to when I myself was new to insurance, it’s one… Continue Reading

Independent Agents: Local Heroes

Posted in Auto Insurance
INDEPENDENT AGENTS: LOCAL HEROES As an independent insurance agent, you wear two hats: Knowledgeable professional and member of your local community. ‘THAT LYING LIZARD’ “Why would you want to buy insurance from a lizard – especially a lizard with a British accent? “Don’t get me wrong. I like the telephone and the Internet as much… Continue Reading

Surprising new report-the nation’s most stolen cars

Posted in Auto Insurance
Usually you don’t find small cars on the list of the most stolen vehicles in the nation. CCC Information Services of Chicago tracks car thefts around the country and they say smaller cars that can be chopped into parts and sold for use by street racers dominated this year’s list. One of every 200 cars… Continue Reading

Consumer Auto Insurance Information

Posted in Auto Insurance
Auto insurance is one of the most frequently used types of personal insurance. In fact, states require that you purchase some kind of insurance coverage in order to drive legally. There are two basic components to auto insurance coverage: liability and property damage. Liability Coverage Most auto insurance policies cover your liability for bodily injury,… Continue Reading