Rate vs. proper coverage

Biggest Auto Insurance misconception:

People think when they carry comprehensive and collision
AKA: ” full coverage” , that they have everything they will need protection wise, in the event of any accident or issue. This could not be farther from the truth.
Comprehensive and collision coverage is purely for the vehicle itself and damage that may occur to the vehicle. While it may feel good knowing your vehicle is covered in the event of damage, your real risk lies elsewhere.
The liability coverage levels in your policy, are what truly defines your protection. State legal minimums can be as low as 25,000/ 50,000. This amount clearly would not be enough coverage in the event of any serious accident or claim, yet this amount is “defined” as legal.
For perspective, if you were to cause an accident and seriously hurt four people in the other vehicle, at state minimums the maximum amount your insurance policy would pay is 25,000…for the entire accident! Once the carrier had paid this amount, (tendered limits) you would then be on your own to defend yourself. This exposes you to huge medical liabilities, wage garnishment and punitive damages that can easily force you into bankruptcy.
Issues like the above , can be easily avoided if you have proper broker representation at the time of placing coverage. It is our professional duty, to offer proper coverage limits for your risk, NOT just the lowest rate. We will explain the coverage vs. cost value and why you need certain levels of coverage.
Take the time to call or any other broker, explain your risk /assets, and get what you pay for insurance wise. Like any other purchase, insurance has value, do not cheat yourself out of proper coverage over a few dollars. Short term savings can equal long term disaster.

Just todays thoughts :)

Sleep better knowing an Independent Insurance Broker/ Agent is on your side!

An Independent Broker/ Agent:

1. Is a value hunter – our brokers look for the best combination of price, coverage, and service. The broker works for YOU, not the insurance carrier. They know the local Bainbridge Island demographic well. All of our brokers and agents are longtime residents of Bainbridge Island.

2. Offers one-stop shopping. With one call or visit, you have access to multiple lines of coverage for all your needs. Independent agents vary, but most offer a full range of auto, home, rental, business, life, health and flood products.

3. Is committed to customer satisfaction – their livelihood depends on it. Without our local Bainbridge community support, we would not exist.

4. Treats you as a person – not a number. We reference all of our clients by name, not a policy number. When you call, simply state who you are and we are off and running!

5. Becomes your consultant/advisor for the present and future – helping you to protect your valuable assets. This relates to not only tangible wealth , but also to family and as they grow.

6. Provides personalized claims service. No need to navigate a phone chain – Your independent agent can contact your insurance carrier directly to help smooth out the claims process. We have a 24hr a day, LOCAL line you can call to speak to one of us directly.

7. Listens. How better to help determine your needs? We want to get to know you and your family.

8. Has strong community ties. Look around you – PTA, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Soccer club, etc. Chances are your local insurance broker/ agent is right beside you building a stronger community!

Well, spring is almost here! This means many things for your personal insurance. For Bainbridge Islander’s it means breaking out the boats, jet skis, rowing skulls, motorcycles, scooters and just about any other off road or water machine you can imagine.

As your trusted insurance broker, I urge you to call us , take five minutes, and make sure your coverage is correct, up to date, and make sure we add any new off season purchases. Insurance on “toys” can easily be overlooked, yet the risk and ramifications are equal to the risk of driving your car. Please do not overlook the importance of this!

We can do a full overview review of your insurance right on the phone , quick and efficiently.

Like our motto states ” we don’t sell insurance, we help people buy it”

Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance. At Eagle Harbor Insurance , here on Bainbridge Island, we offer all lines of insurance coverage with a plan and cost to fit every need. We have access to almost any carrier you can request and can cover truly any risk.

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New drivers, young drivers, older drivers? Why do auto rates start high and eventually end just as high?

I call it the “Insurance inverted bell curve” . When you are a young or a new/inexperienced driver, rates are high . As you gain experience, build a quality driving record, credit, and ability to pay, the rates slowly but surely decline until you are paying the best rates EVER in your late 30’s thru early 60’s. YET WAIT FOR IT…as your age increases past age 60, rates will slowly again increase.

The ” surprise” increase is based on long-term data collected about drivers. It is shown as drivers get older, the reflexes slow a bit, eyesight may not be what it once was…yet the confidence in your ability remains at an all time high. Eventually this leads to accidents and hence higher rates. Like any demographic, there is clear exceptions to this rule, but as a whole, this is the thought process in rating….food for thought.

Kemper, Hartford, AARP, Progressive, Foremost, Philadelphia, Guide One, Zurich, National General, Fireman’s Fund, Markel, Red Shield, Premier, Ace, Chubb, CBIC, Navigators, One Beacon, Gotham, Arch…. and more! We have a carriers to meet EVERYONES needs!

Home, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Commercial, Event, Bonds, E/O coverage, D/O Coverage ,Health Life, Disability, LTC.. we can do it all.

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Broad Form coverage….contrary to ad’s on TV …is actually designed for those, who DO NOT own a vehicle and need insurance coverage . Many folks are mislead to believe that if you own multiple cars, you can simply carry Broad Form coverage and have all the vehicles covered.

This is untrue and can cause a major issue for you!

If you own a car, you must have the car listed and covered for at least liability , per WA state law.

We are here to help further unravel this confusion for you…call us anytime .

With our nations current economic struggles, it has been reported that more and more families are reducing costs, with auto insurance being one of the first items removed from the budget. Based on an article on MSN.com they project one in six drivers will be uninsured by years end. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30093235

I have personally spoke to many of our loyal clients and have found this data slowly becoming true. It is time, as independent insurance professionals ,that we proactively review our books of business and offer support and guidance to struggling clients. I cannot stress enough, that we are here to help and can 99% of the time, offer a quality solution to reduce premium, yet not compromise on liability coverages. If you or someone you know is considering dropping your auto insurance, please call us first….we understand the current situation and look forward to helping anyone with insurance needs work through these tough times.


Do you or your teenager earn a little extra spending money using your car – maybe delivering pizzas or other products? Many people don’t realize that their Personal Auto policy won’t cover vehicles when they’re used to earn money, including making deliveries.

Be sure to check with your agent or broker to see whether you need a Commercial Auto policy to get the protection you need.

– Article taken from Progressive Newsletter – Winter 2006

Talking to a friend in the local Starbuck’s the other day, the topic of insurance came up. The question she asked me was, “When it comes to insurance what’s the difference anyway?” Surprisingly enough I get asked that question all the time. And thinking back to when I myself was new to insurance, it’s one of the first questions I asked. I tried to think of a way to answer her question in the simplest of terms, and being in a Starbuck’s the first thing I thought of was coffee. If you live anywhere near Seattle you understand all about coffee. There are a thousand choices and options when it comes to your morning cup of joe. Mocha or latte? Non-fat or Whole? With Whip or Without? Syrup Flavor? Temperature? Tall or Venti? All coffee is not the same, and most of us have a particular establishment that we visit each morning on our way to work. It just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else. The same is true of insurance. Most people are surprised to find that there are many tiers and layers to insurance.

Take for example auto insurance. There are several coverage options you can add to your auto insurance policy that will provide you with a much deeper level of coverage. The first is Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This is an endorsement that costs very little, but will give you a huge level of coverage. Personal Injury Protection covers you in any type of road accident, if you get in a car accident, if you get hit as a pedestrian in a crosswalk, if you get hit on your bike. The beauty of PIP is that you are covered no matter who was at fault in an accident, and your coverage is immediate. It will pay for ambulance rides, the jaws of life, hospital expenses, rehabilitation therapy, as well as reimburse you for pay checks you missed by being unable to work during your recovery. PIP not only covers you, but everyone in the car with you.

The second coverage option is Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This coverage protects you if you get in an accident in which the at fault driver is not covered. Uninsured Motorist Coverage will cover all personal injury and property damage, up to your coverage limits, caused by the at fault driver if they are underinsured, or have no coverage at all. If the other driver is not insured, you could be paying the bill, unless your policy has Uninsured Motorist Coverage, at which point your insurance policy will cover it for you. These are two examples of endorsements that do not cost very much to add to your policy, but could save you a world of hurt in the future.

All insurance policies are not the same. There are different types and levels of coverage, as well as many extra endorsements that are optional as well. If you are new to insurance, or find it a bit confusing it is easy to think that all insurance is the same. If that is you’re line of thinking, then the first thing you would look for when choosing an insurance policy is the price. But it’s just not the case. When it comes to coffee the last thing we think of is the price, and the first thing we think of is the flavor. With insurance you want to make sure that you choose the plan that best fits your life-style. And if you find a good local independent insurance agent that will help you through the insurance process you’ll find that insurance just doesn’t “taste the same” anywhere else. Why use an agent who treats you like another number, puts you on hold, and doesn’t remember who you are. Things like that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s important to use an agent you can trust who will be there to help you when those unexpected emergencies occur, who knows your name and your individual situation and will sit down and explain your policy options in detail, who will help you find the plan that best fits your lifestyle, and who most importantly doesn’t care about selling you an insurance plan, but instead cares about making sure you are protected and taken care of for the future.

Price is important when looking for insurance, but it is not the first thing you should look at. The most important thing is to find the insurance coverage that will best protect you, and then from there find the best deal you can.