About Eagle Harbor Insurance

I started this blog many years ago and have used it as tool to map out my thoughts on what clients truly need, want, and require for insurance.

Setting aside all of the numbers, coverage’s and issues at hand… I have found the #1 thing clients desire is simple:

To have a broker who is local and has truly excellent knowledge of the locations they offer insurance in.

At Eagle Harbor Insurance we have all lived or worked in the Bainbridge area for over 20 years . I can confidently say we know this island inside and out. We are up to date on areas with current landslide risks, flood risks, access risks, etc. We also keep up to date on the protection class codes and road changes for the island. Thus making sure our policies are updated accordingly to accurately reflect the changes…as clients can save money as road and water access improves.

If you plan to buy or already own a home, we would be happy to do a full risk analysis for you. This can include a personal walkthrough of your homes exterior and interior, location and risks. We always offer our quotes, pressure and stress free. At the time of inspections, we actually wont even offer a quote. We prefer to email it to you, give you time to review and then discuss along your timeline.

I hope you will consider using this service!

What really is an insurance brokerage? I get asked this all the time ! I also hear folks around town say “My insurance carrier is Eagle Harbor Insurance”.

This question or puzzle has a clear , yet broad answer:

An insurance brokerage, such as Eagle Harbor Insurance is actually an intermediary between you the client and the true insurance carrier. We as a brokerage represent YOU as our client, and we always strive to find you the best rates and coverage. We shop your coverage annually and make sure we get you the best rate and carrier currently on the market for your risk, It does not cost you ANYTHING more to use our services and truly gives you another layer of expertise advice on proper coverage.

We also are not the ” insurance carrier”, we leave that to the carriers we represent, such as Hartford, Kemper, Guide One , Progressive, Foremost etc. We can handle claims filing , bill paying, and changes to your policy, so this is never an issue.

Bottom line, why not use a broker for your insurance? It is free, gives you expert representation, and allows you access to markets you will not find in the direct market to clients.

Please call us anytime for a free, complete review and risk analysis of your current policies.