Young drivers dream of getting their permits and hitting the open road, but their parents are usually not quite as excited. And for good reason – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to teen driving and staying safe on the roads. 

So, before you hand over the keys, learn more below about driving permit rules and what your teen can and can’t do with a permit. 

  1. Supervision and Safety: 
    • A learners permit places numerous restrictions on a new driver. The most important one being that you must be supervised by a licensed adult driver with at least 5 years of driving experience. The supervising driver must be in the front seat at all times.  
    • You cannot use a phone or a hands-free device while driving and all occupants MUST wear a seat belt.  
  1. Age and Education:  
    • The minimum age to receive your drivers permit in Washington State is 15 years old.  
    • You also must complete an approved driver training course if you wish to get your license before you turn 18.  
  1. Location and Time: 
    • You may drive on all public roadways: country roads, highways, city lanes, etc. There is also a nighttime driving restriction for those with their permit. They cannot drive between the hours of 1AM-5AM.  

It’s important to follow all of these rules in order to keep your new driver and everyone around them safe.