These are strange and very uncertain times for us all . Scared, anxious, worried, frustrated, fear of what is next are just some of the feelings we are all having.

All I can equate from these feelings is that I want to help.

You as my clients have always been there for us by trusting us, taking my advice, and paying your premiums . Now it is time for us to do anything we can to help you during this unprecedented unfolding of events.

How I hope we can help :

We are working closely with all of our carriers and have already been able to push small business clients payments back a month or spread the payment out over longer terms lowering out of pocket costs in the immediate timeframe. Appears we will have the same success on the personal lines insurance side , it just requires communication . If you cannot pay due to this state forced closure , please call us, we are your broker and work for you, not the carrier . We will do all we can to negotiate extended payments, change your coverages for cost savings, lower projected revenue to reduce premiums…..we will leave no stone unturned to help every one of you.

We all have seen many bumps over the years and we always find a way through it folks. We will get through this as well, if we all work together .

Call me or email if I can help you :

206 842 7410 or

I will respond within a day to each and every person.

My very best to every family ,

Tom Sawyer