Individual Healthcare Open Enrollment Update!


Enrollment will be from:

November 1st , 2017 through December 15, 2017

Kitsap County will have two individual plan options :

Premera Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente


1. Kaiser Permanente:

You simply call our office at 206 842 7410 and setup an in person appointment, during open enrollment dates . At this appointment we will help complete the proper Kaiser enrollment application and walk you through which plan fits you best. Takes about fifteen minutes and then you are done!

2. Premera Blue Cross:

This will REQUIRE you to open a Washington Healthplanfinder account and then chose Eagle Harbor Insurance as your broker.

You will need to go to this website:

Once on the site:

Setup an user name and password ( keep these safe)

Next answer the security questions , this will then open an account for you .

Complete ONLY the first page of the application in the account ( do not electronically sign it)

Once the first page is completed, you will see your name in green in the upper right corner. Click on your name and it will return you to your homepage.

At the homepage the right side will show a list of options, one being ” pick / manage my broker”. Please click here and then from the drop down list, select Eagle Harbor Insurance. Next follow the prompts to the final page .

This will then send an alert to our Wa Healthplanfinder Broker account , allowing us to help you with your enrollment.

If you hit any snags or roadblocks while creating an account, PLEASE call us ANYTIME..we are here to help!

206 842 7410 #shoplocal #supportlocal