House passes American Health Care Act – now what?

First off- DONT PANIC- currently your plan remains the same.

Here is a very brief synopsis of what is happening:
House Republicans on Thursday, May 4 fulfilled a longtime campaign promise by passing legislation – the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – that partially repeals the Affordable Care Act.
Now it’s the Senate’s turn.
The AHCA as currently written is expected to face an uphill battle in the Senate and when all is said and done, is likely to look different than what the House passed because of policy and reconciliation considerations.
The Senate can’t begin moving forward until the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office releases an updated analysis (or “score”) of the bill’s potential budgetary and insurance coverage impacts.
Following the Senate’s modifications, the bill will go to the Senate floor for consideration, possibly in early June.

We will do our very best to stay up to date as this unravels and relay information accordingly. Please know, we are always here to help and answer any current questions you may have .

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