Did you know your auto insurance rates are directly effected by what zip code you live in?

A 98101 -Seattle zip code can literally be 35% higher than a 98110- Bainbridge Island,  98370- Poulsbo, or  98392 – Suquamish zip code.

This is due to matrix driven demographic numbers for these areas. The rating basis takes into account:

population size

rural vs urban

commute lengths

crime rates

highway,  freeway , and congested area access

At Eagle Harbor Insurance , we use carriers who fully realize the difference in risk from area to area and price accordingly.

Currently our carriers such as  Hartford Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Kemper Insurance, Encompass Insurance, and Stillwater Insurance all have specific zip code ratings for our area, and the excellent premium prices reflect this.

Be sure your using a carrier that rates by zip code, and feel free to ask the rate difference between a Seattle zip code and your zip code. This will give you a nice comparison basis for your carrier and how competitive their rates really are.

If you would like, we can do this comparison for you, free of charge , with no hard sell!

We would love to help you.


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