Are you in need of Professional Liability Insurance also know as Errors and Omissions coverage?

Don’t know where to turn or even know exactly what this coverage is? Have a client who is requiring this coverage for you to implement your services at their facility?  We are here to help!

At Eagle Harbor Insurance we can write Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions coverage for  almost ANY profession and can meet a VERY wide range of needs coverage limit wise.

We will take the time to fully explain the coverage, how it works, and how it is quite different form of insurance , compared to your vanilla office insurance policy.

You name the scope of work, coverage needs, timeline,  and we will find the carrier to offer  you the proper coverage at the best price.

An example of some professions we write Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions for  are:

Attorney, Architect, CPA, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Insurance Broker, Weather Consultants, Plant Biotech, Computer Tech advisors,  Programmers,  Web Designers , Pet Breed Consultant, Life Coach,  Media Consultant, etc.

No risk is ever too complex for us !

Please call us to explore your  options.