Do you have a Vintage / Classic Car, Expensive Rare Car, Car with ” bolt-ons”…. ever wonder what happens at claim time and will you get full return value of your investment in the vehicle?

DO NOT wait to find out , it is too late at that point! The honest answer is you will almost never get full value for cars of this nature, unless you move your coverage to a stated value policy.

At Eagle Harbor Insurance we offer carriers that will insure your specialty car for a set value in the event of a total loss. This stated value will not depreciate yearly and is not subject to current ” actual cash or current sales market value of like vehicles”.

The amount you insure it for is the amount you will receive in the event of a total loss. ( you will need proof of value – examples: sales receipt of purchase, appraisal, bolt on costs with ever wonder invoices and work performed reciepts)

This can also be done for boats and motorcycles!

If you are one the lucky few who needs this coverage, please call us anytime for a free quote. (206) 842 -7410