Bainbridge Island, the new high density living push and YOUR insurance needs.

As we all have witnessed in the past few years, Bainbridge Island has been having a shift in the city sectors , from single family homes, to now: multi family, split use ( residential and commercial) , high density condo’s etc, high density rentals.

Many folks who are purchasing or leasing/ renting this style of home are quite confused as to what they need insurance wise. I have found, from speaking with buyers and renters , they are being told the dwelling structures they are moving into are covered by Master Policies and they “may or may not” need further insurance.

This could not be further from the truth. The reality is, even if the structure is covered by a Master Policy, you 100% need to obtain your own coverage.
The Master Policy covers your structure from the WALLS OUT, leaving you to cover your contents, appliances, built ins, loss of use and your all important liability. These policies also carry very large deductibles that should be addressed by your policy.

As an owner you will want a CONDO policy, referred to as an HO-6 homeowners coverage.

As a renter you will want a Renters policy, refered to as an HO-4 renters policy.

Good news is:

We can help! We can place this coverage the same day and can also guide you into what policy is correct for you.

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