Why have my insurance rates have gone up?? I don’t have any tickets, claims or other issues!!!

I hear this from time to time and can fully understand and relate to clients frustrations.

Hopefully I can delicately shed some light on this…might not make it seems fair….but at least give a realistic, honest and logical explanation as to why rates rise over the years.

Over time, like anything else in the economy, rates will and must rise. This is based on higher build costs for housing , parts for cars being more costly, fraud claims, paying for uninsured drivers, and the labor force costing more per hour every year.

For perspective : As much as we all hate to pay the increases for insurance ,we do just that for everything else in life and seem to turn a blind eye to most of it ! Cable bills, cell phone bills, power bills, garbage bills, grocery bills, etc etc…all continue to rise over time.

With this all said, it is our mission at Eagle Harbor Insurance to be your  broker and to continue to shop and find you the most reasonable rates for the coverage every renewal. Clearly we cannot let the insurance companies raise rates without any recourse. Let us protect you, shop your rates, and keep the insurance companies rates in check the best we can.

Thank you for your business.

Enjoy the great weather everyone!