Homeowner’s insurance tip of the day.

Do I file a claim or do I try and fix this issue myself?

First thing to clear up…. At Eagle Harbor Insurance ,  we will NEVER tell you to not file a claim. Your right as a insured is to be allowed to make this final determination. Never let an agent or broker make this decision for you. I am here to represent you as my client and help you make the most educated decision possible, but you have the final say.

Final decisions on coverage are determined by the adjusters who come to the claim site , not the agent or carrier, so if you feel in doubt, never hesitate to file the claim.

Remember, as your broker at Eagle Harbor Insurance , I work for YOU not the insurance carrier!!

Ways to decide on filing a claim:

I will ask about the claim and weigh the claim repairs cost versus your deductible amount.

If the claim is going to be 900.00 and your deductible is 1000.00…easy to solve, no need to file a claim. Fix this one yourself.

Conversely if the claim is going to be 10,000 to fix and your deductible is 1,000….easy to solve as well…for sure file this claim.

Now if the claim is going to cost 1800.00 and your deductible is 1000.00 …now it is time to make some calculated decisions:

1. Will the 800.00 the insurance carrier will pay for the claim be offset by a three to five year rate increase?
2. Is this my first claim and would I like to save this first claim for a more major issue, as multiple claims on policies tend to get you
” non-renewed” .
3. Will this claim give me multiple claims on my record, making future insurance difficult to place?

These are the decisions that will need to be looked at .I will lay out the options and then ultimately you can make an educated decision.

So remember , always give us a call and start the conversation come claim time!!!