As I watched football this past weekend, I had to chuckle from both the humor and also the disgust I felt from the TV insurance advertisements.

I do find the cute skits and silly mascots used in insurance commercials to be funny and catchy , as I am sure most of us do. I find they can be a welcome quick break from the anxiety of a close game. ( or a missed field goal)

Conversely I find the angle of “FEAR and LACK of COVERAGE” these carriers use to be ridiculous and very misleading. Carriers show the simplest of claims and yet act like they are the only possible carrier that could offer coverage for this risk.

The truth is almost ANY standard homeowners policy will cover you for falling trees, an explosion, animal damage ( aka raccoon), kitchen fire, etc. Do not be fooled or believe you need to call these specific carriers for these coverages.

For auto insurance, alomst all carriers can offer the same or very similar coverage. It is actually a delicate balance of client , agent and or broker who determines what coverages to accept and decline. The coverage choices will dictate if a BBQ fire in your car is covered, ripping your door off at the gas station , or watching your car roll into a lake, NOT the insurance carrrier. Having these commercials insinuate that the carrier may exclude this peril and do not take ” cut rate” insurance is misleading and not acceptable.

We offer many carriers and cannot find a single one that would exclude these perils if you placed full coverage on your car ( comprehensive and collision).

The truth is:

Insurance for the general consumer is being overrun by fear and anxiety created by TV ads. The solution is simple!

Meet face to face with a local insurance agent/broker and let the real life professional help you…not the TV!

Enjoy the ads!