A few common claims questions asked by Eagle Harbor Insurance clients today , after the big Bainbridge Island  storm:

1. A tree fell from my neighbors property onto my house causing damage. Who is responsible ?

Answer: It depends, if the tree was healthy and posed no danger prior to the storm, it is considered an act of god and is essentially nobodys fault. Thus placing the insurance coverage responsibility on the homeowner who incurred the damage….
Conversely, if you had a professional inspect the tree and deem it unsafe /dangerous PRIOR to the storm ….You properly informed the neigbor of the risk, you may have some recourse against the neighbor for negligence.

2. Standing water entered our downstairs via the sliding glass doors, am I covered via my homeowners coverage?

Answer: This is a firm NO, exterior standing water is considered flooding and only covered via a flood policy. Homeowners policy exclude flood coverage completely.

3. Wind driven rain entered my house via the soffet vents and skylight, am I covered?

Answer: Absolutely, this is a covered peril on a Ho-3 homeowners form. This will indeed be covered , less the deductible!

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