Business owners inevitably find themselves in a spot needing Errors and Omissions Insurance ( E/O) or Professional Liability Insurance ( P/L) ( these are actually one in the same). We see more and more corporate businesses and municipalities requiring this coverage from vendors or consultants, with respect to awarding work contracts, etc.

So the big question….. what is this insurance and why do I need it?

E/O or P/L is coverage for the intangibles.  Essentially it covers you for the items not covered by a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy.  Your advice , professional opinion,  direction on a project, or otherwise human error is covered by this policy.


If you offer a solution to a Bainbridge traffic issue,  and it is implemented  with disastrous results, you could be held liable for the costs and issues it has caused.  If you make a clerical mistake, forget file something, forget to place coverage, etc, this policy will respond with coverage.

Examples of professionals that can benefit from this coverage are:  Lawyers, Brokers, CPA, Architect, Technology Consultants, Guardians, Program Directors, Sports Agents…..the list goes on and on.

Every policy is different and we can fine tune a policy to meet you needs. We even work with underwriters who can literally build a policy for your risk.

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