Sleep better knowing an Independent Insurance Broker/ Agent is on your side!

An Independent Broker/ Agent:

1. Is a value hunter – our brokers look for the best combination of price, coverage, and service. The broker works for YOU, not the insurance carrier. They know the local Bainbridge Island demographic well. All of our brokers and agents are longtime residents of Bainbridge Island.

2. Offers one-stop shopping. With one call or visit, you have access to multiple lines of coverage for all your needs. Independent agents vary, but most offer a full range of auto, home, rental, business, life, health and flood products.

3. Is committed to customer satisfaction – their livelihood depends on it. Without our local Bainbridge community support, we would not exist.

4. Treats you as a person – not a number. We reference all of our clients by name, not a policy number. When you call, simply state who you are and we are off and running!

5. Becomes your consultant/advisor for the present and future – helping you to protect your valuable assets. This relates to not only tangible wealth , but also to family and as they grow.

6. Provides personalized claims service. No need to navigate a phone chain – Your independent agent can contact your insurance carrier directly to help smooth out the claims process. We have a 24hr a day, LOCAL line you can call to speak to one of us directly.

7. Listens. How better to help determine your needs? We want to get to know you and your family.

8. Has strong community ties. Look around you – PTA, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Soccer club, etc. Chances are your local insurance broker/ agent is right beside you building a stronger community!