We’re well aware that insurance isn’t a favorite topic for most people. So why do we write, and even more to the point, why would you read a blog about insurance?

It goes back to the same reason why we run our business the way we do: to help people have and enjoy the life they want. The thing is, without insurance, you could never really risk owning and experiencing the things you want — one turn of fate could dramatically change your lifestyle if you didn’t have the safety net of insurance.

The other thing we do is to listen to your story and then respond with info and answers that are truly meaningful to your circumstances. That’s how we save you money, eliminate worry from your life, make sure you have the right coverage for your exact situation, share information to help you make choices, and keep you up to date on new developments in the industry that directly affect you. We’ve always done that every day in the course of the job. Now this blog is another part of the way we do it.

If you have comments, ideas, suggestions or questions, we’d be very happy to hear from you. The blog is another place for you to give us your valuable feedback.

And finally, because insurance makes good things possible, we share good news about living life to the fullest.

Eagle Harbor Insurance – Independent Broker

A few simple reminders on why you should always use an independent insurance broker for your personal and business insurance needs:

  1. At Eagle Harbor Insurance work for YOU , not the insurance carrier
  2. We offer numerous carrier options and have the ability to shop your insurance portfolio annually for the best rates and coverage
  3. At claim time, we represent You , not the insurance carrier
  4. Portfolio Service : one stop, one location shopping, for all of your insurance needs: Home, Auto, Umbrella, Health , Life, Business and Travel Insurance
  5. We are local and know the entire Kitsap County area and the risks involved.

It is worth your time to develop a relationship with a local broker, hopefully you will chose Eagle Harbor Insurance on Bainbridge Island!