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Eagle Harbor Insurance Blog

Did you know Eagle Harbor Insurance can offer almost ANY type of insurance ?!

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Home Insurance , Auto Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Builders Risk Insurance, Business Insurance , Professional Liability Insurance (E/O), Health Insurance (both individual, small/large group and medicare options ) , Life Insurance, Disability Insurance , Travel Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance , Bonds ( all types)

Not only can we offer all of the coverage options above , we also have one of the largest insurance carrier selections in our area, hence making sure we provide the best rates and coverage !

Sample of some of our frequently used insurance carriers:

Hartford , Kemper , Safeco, Progressive, National General, AARP, Foremost/ Farmers , Zurich, Encompass, Ace, Premier Marine, Chubb, Stillwater, Red Shield , CBIC, Mutual of Omaha, Standard , GHC/Kaiser, we can even help with the health exchange!

If your shopping insurance or curious if your truly getting a good rate for coverage , give us a call! Our ENTIRE STAFF is fully licensed and we have an agent that specializes in what you need.

A licensed agent will always be here during business hours to help you get your questions answered !

Call us for your free review.

206 842 7410

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2018 INDIVIDUAL HEALTH CARE OPEN ENROLLMENT ENDS SOON ! Eagle Harbor Insurance can still help you.

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If you have not yet enrolled in a new individual health plan for 2018…..do not delay any further.Time is very short.

Health Care Open enrollment for a 1/1/2018 start date will end on 12 /15 /17.

*** If you miss this date, there will be a few late enrollment options for February****

Please know, we are here to help EVERYONE and represent all of the health plans currently offered in Kitsap County. You will never be turned away by our office.

If you need clarity , are confused about your options , or even just have a quick simple question about a plan …call us ASAP.

206 842 7410. #shoplocal #supportlocal

Individual Health Insurance – Open Enrollment with Eagle Harbor Insurance – 2017 !

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Individual Healthcare Open Enrollment Update!


Enrollment will be from:

November 1st , 2017 through December 15, 2017

Kitsap County will have two individual plan options :

Premera Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente


1. Kaiser Permanente:

You simply call our office at 206 842 7410 and setup an in person appointment, during open enrollment dates . At this appointment we will help complete the proper Kaiser enrollment application and walk you through which plan fits you best. Takes about fifteen minutes and then you are done!

2. Premera Blue Cross:

This will REQUIRE you to open a Washington Healthplanfinder account and then chose Eagle Harbor Insurance as your broker.

You will need to go to this website:


Once on the site:

Setup an user name and password ( keep these safe)

Next answer the security questions , this will then open an account for you .

Complete ONLY the first page of the application in the account ( do not electronically sign it)

Once the first page is completed, you will see your name in green in the upper right corner. Click on your name and it will return you to your homepage.

At the homepage the right side will show a list of options, one being ” pick / manage my broker”. Please click here and then from the drop down list, select Eagle Harbor Insurance. Next follow the prompts to the final page .

This will then send an alert to our Wa Healthplanfinder Broker account , allowing us to help you with your enrollment.

If you hit any snags or roadblocks while creating an account, PLEASE call us ANYTIME..we are here to help!

206 842 7410 #shoplocal #supportlocal

2018 Individual Health Insurance Kitsap County – Eagle Harbor Insurance can help you!

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2018 Individual Health Insurance Kitsap County

Updates & Options

We, can and will help you place Individual Health Insurance coverage for 2018 !

As we have posted before, effective 1/1/2018 Regence Blue Shield Insurance will be leaving the INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE market for our area and beyond.

Do not panic! We have been following this dilligently and will have ALL of the individual health insurance carrier options for Kitsap County for 2018.

Two carriers will offer plans for Kitsap County :

Premera Blue Cross

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Wa ( formerly Group Health)

This will actually give us options for either a PPO or HMO plan for every client. When we meet, we can discuss plans, educate you on them , so you can then decide what best fits your health insurance needs, while you also take care of your health yourself by exercising, having a good diet and taking natural supplements, find more at Kratom Masters info.


Open Enrollment is 11/1/2017 to 12/15/2017

TOTAL OF SIX WEEKS…this has zero flexibilty, so please call and setup your appointment soon as this small window of enrollment will make us very busy.

We will work early, late, and if necessary weekends to make sure every single client is helped .

We very much appreciate you as a current, past, or new client and look forward to making this a smoooth transition!

Please call 206 842 7410 and setup your time slot asap.

Auto insurance: the ins and outs with Eagle Harbor Insurance – PIP Coverage

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Reviewing your auto coverage…..

PIP coverage? Do I need this ? What is PIP? What am I paying for?

Here it is in a nutshell:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is an extension of car insurance available in Washington state. It is first dollar coverage, that covers medical expenses and, in some cases, lost wages and other damages. PIP is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage, because the statutes enacting it are generally known as no-fault laws, and PIP is designed to be paid without regard to “fault,” or more properly, legal liability. That is, even if the person seeking PIP coverage caused the accident, they are entitled to make a claim under the PIP portion of their policy. “No-Fault” does not mean that insurance premium of the person making the claim will not increase. Typically a PIP claim is made by the insured driver to their own insurance company, regardless of fault, opening up funds to cover medical and wage needs while the claim is unraveled. One Sure Insurance can help you out with any problems you may have, so check them out.

Biggest Opposition I hear to having PIP:

” I don’t need this coverage, I have medical insurance.”

Answer- You get hit by someone else, they have no insurance, your hurt. Your medical deductible is 2500 or even 5,000 these days. Do you want to pay this? PIP would cover this for a few dollars a month.

Answer- Your friend is in your car, they do NOT have medical insurance (still common even with ACA in place)…… PIP would cover them , no PIP, what do they do?

For literally a few dollars a month , you can get 10,000 in PIP coverage, for a bit more 35,000 in coverage.

Do NOT be swayed by a few dollars savings, include this coverage in your portfolio. You will thank yourself later!!!!

Eagle Harbor Insurance – More than just selling insurance!

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As your local trusted Insurance Brokerage, we are here to do more than simply sell you insurance! Over the course of the past 15 years, we have found ourselves to be a very knowledgeable local directory for our area.

Feel free to call us, say hello and use us as your local referral network http://www.itsaboutjustice.law. Be it restaurants, contractors, tech consultants , attorney , gyms, athletic programs , boat surveyors, antique appraisers, etc…..we have a contact or referral for nearly everything you can imagine on Bainbridge Island.

Call us anytime, we would love the hear your need and hopefully be able to help you out!

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Individual Health Insurance carrier options for 2018 open enrollment!! Eagle Harbor will offer them !

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Individual Healthcare plan options update for 2018.

The attached link has the 2018 Health Insurance providers who plan to offer individual health coverage plans. The list is organized per county.

Our agency plans to represent nearly all of the carriers that will be available for Kitsap, King ,Jefferson and Pierce County.

We will make sure we have open enrollment options for every single client!

** PLEASE NOTE- Small Group, Large Group and Medicare plans are not applicable to this list of carriers. Most all group plans and Medicare plans will continue without interruption. Please check with your agent or carrier to be 100% sure.


Health insurance Individual plan offerings for 2018 – With Eagle Harbor Insurance

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INDIVIDUAL PLAN – Health Insurance Carrier Options 2018 – Kitsap County and beyond.

We have just been informed effective 1/1/2018 Regence Blue Shield Insurance and Bridgespan Insurance Company will no longer be offering ANY INDIVIDUAL health insurance plans for Kitsap , Pierce, or King County. (***this does NOT apply to Large or Small  group plans or medicare plans***)

All Regence and Bridgespan individual health clients ( both outside and inside the health exchange) will be receiving the attached letter.  (see link below)


1. Currently, it means DO NOTHING. Your current health insurance plan will remain in-force and coverage will be offered as applied for until 12/31/2017. You cannot change currently as enrollment is closed.

2. Do not panic!! As your trusted insurance broker we are going to make sure we have access to the health insurance carriers that will be offering 2018 plans in Kitsap, Pierce, and King County. We will find the best replacement plan offered for each and every client, and for many people is important to have health insurance, since they really care about their health, and even follow programs from sites as healthyusa.co.

3. All current clients will be receiving a courtesy call from our agency within the next five days comfirming you have received your letter and reassuring you we are on top of this transition.

** We will continue to monitor the situation and will be fully prepared for Open Enrollment ,starting on 11/1/2017 thru 12/15/2017.

We appreciate your trust in our agency, we will all figure this ever changing health care insurance landscape out together!

Any questions, call us anytime. 206 842 7410



Bainbridge Island- Eagle Harbor Insurance- why use us?

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As a consumer you have many choices for your numerous insurance needs.

So the question may arises, where do I  go and why should I chose Eagle Harbor Insurance?

Here are some solid reasons to use us:

*Over 50 top tier carrier choices to ensure the best prices

*All of our agents have grown up in Kitsap county and truly know the risks inside and out ( family owned )

*Outside resources at claim time:  I.E. direct line to Serve Pro or Service Master and 24hr local contractors we can call to help with emergencies, you will not have to wait on the claims adjuster to call

*We never will ” hard sell”, we supply quotes and let you decide what is best. We are happy to offer our professional advice on what is best, but we will never pressure you!

Bottom  line, we will treat you how we would like to be treated!

All of our clients are part of our Eagle Harbor Insurance family.