Washington Health Benefit Exchange....we can help!!!

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Confused, alarmed, upset , possibly excited about the new health care plans and requirements?  We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the maze of new plans, financial options and proper carriers.

Please call us anytime...we can fully explain your options, enroll you in proper plans,  and fill you in on what to expect from your new health plan come 1/1/2014.

Summer is coming..be ready!

With summer looming around the corner...and the chance of some possible sun..... it is time to break out the summer toys!

Make sure your boats, jet-ski, rowing shells, golf carts, dirt bikes, street bikes, scooters,  quads, etc are all insured correctly. During winter these coverage can overlooked, lapse or be put on hold.  

If you have any doubt about coverage, or need coverage, call us today! We can offer real time quotes on items like this, offer all the best insurance carriers, and can have you out playing within an hour . 

 Call us anytime  206 842 7410



2013 Spring Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance

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If you are considering changing, upgrading or enrolling in an individual health insurance plan for you and your family.....the time is now!

Open enrollment for individual health insurance , starts on 3/15/2013 and runs until 4/30/2013.

This is one of two chances annually to add children age 19 and under to an individual health policy...do not miss this timeframe!

We currently have many plan options to choose from and feel we can fit everyone's needs and budget.

Call us today to setup a time to enroll.



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