What we " are" as Eagle Harbor Insurance

What really is an insurance brokerage? I get asked this all the time ! I also hear folks around town say "My insurance carrier is Eagle Harbor Insurance". This question or puzzle has a clear , yet broad answer: An insurance brokerage, such as Eagle Harbor Insurance is actually an intermediary between you the client and the true insurance carrier. We as a brokerage represent YOU as our client, and we always strive to find you the best rates and coverage. We shop your coverage annually and make sure we get you the best rate and carrier currently on the market for your risk, It does not cost you ANYTHING more to use our services and truly gives you another layer of expertise advice on proper coverage. We also are not the " insurance carrier", we leave that to the carriers we represent, such as Hartford, Kemper, Guide One , Progressive, Foremost etc. We can handle claims filing , bill paying, and changes to your policy, so this is never an issue. Bottom line, why not use a broker for your insurance? It is free, gives you expert representation, and allows you access to markets you will not find in the direct market to clients. Please call us anytime for a free, complete review and risk analysis of your current policies.

Springtime Insurance review on Bainbridge Island

Spring appears to have finally arrived! If you are like myself, during the Bainbridge Island wintertime, we leave the house in the dark and return home in the dark. The color of the house, lawn, flowers and trees is lost in the winter darkness. Now that spring is here, rub your eyes, open them wide and assess the spring cleaning at hand! Yard wise: prepare the sprinklers, make sure drains are clear and get ready to plant that garden! If you upgrade sprinkler systems, build new decks, or add a pool or hottub...be sure to let us know! These items are covered via your homeowners insurance, as long as they are added as other structures. House wise: Check the paint, clean the gutters, assess the moss levels on roof ( notice I said levels...not if you have moss or not...lol) Be sure to check those smoke detectors and CO2 detectors. Your homeowners insurer appreciates it ! Lastly, DO NOT forget to insure those summer toys: Boats, Jetskis, Rowing Skulls, ATV, Motorcycles ( road and dirt), and if you have a golf cart, be sure to let us know...a golf cart is one item that can have liability via your homeowners insurance. If you are unsure about your insurance coverage, want to add, remove or have a simple question...call us anytime!!! 206 842 7410

Bainbridge Island Health Insurance Experts

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Question of the week! What is health insurance " special enrollment "? As we all know, the current health insurance marketplace is closed for open enrollment and you can no longer apply until the end of this year. What many folks don't know ..... their is exceptions to this rule and some people may still qualify to enroll ! Listed below are the most common exceptions. If you have : 1. Lost a job, left a job, employer went of business, employer stopped offering health coverage 2. Moved to a new location where your prior insurance is not accepted at the doctors who are now local to you 3. Have been divorced, widowed or separated 4. Have relocated from another state Their is many more obscure scenarios that apply as well. At Eagle Harbor Insurance we are here to listen and discuss your situation. I am sure we can help!

Healthcare Open Enrollment- final day

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Today is the last business day of this years healthcare open enrollment. 2/13//15. We offer many carriers and options outside and inside the Exchange program. Please call us today if you still need help! 206 842 7410

"We dont sell insurance, we help people buy it"

This has always been our motto and continues.... We understand every family has different insurance needs, be it coverage or premium. No two cases are the same and we will always do our best to guide you into proper coverage to fit your budget. We are here to help ...anytime. 206 842 7410

Health Insurance Open Enrollment ends 2/15/15

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The open enrollment period for health insurance is quickly closing. There is less than a month left to enroll and the final day is 2/15/15. If you have questions, concerns, confusions, desire coverage etc...PLEASE call us! We offer no pressure, FREE consultations to discuss your health insurance needs. We offer plans both inside and outside the Washington Exchange program and also numerous carrier options ...both PPO and HMO style plans. Our number is 206 842 7410...Rita or Jenna can set you up on our calendar today!

Health Insurance Open enrollment is still going!

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Their is still time to enroll in a heath plan! DO NOT miss open enrollment. We offer plans within the health exchange or on the private market. Numerous carriers , deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and doctor options...something to fit everyone. Call us today! 206 842 7410

Health Insurance / Medicare Insurance

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Wow ,it is confusing!!! Have questions about : Affordable Care Act, Washington Healthfinder Website, Open Enrollment dates , Medicare Supplements, Open Market Health Insurance vs. Exchange plans We can help answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and offer you a proper plan for your lifestyle and budget. At our agency we make time to hear your concerns, outline what is best for you and facilitate placing the coverage. All at a cost of ZERO dollars for our service!!!!

Health insurance options for 2014

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Changes, Changes, and more Changes....Our agency is prepared. Whether you qualify for coverage in the new Washington Health Exchange or not...WE CAN HELP! If you are unsure if you qualify, we can help determine that as well. We represent quality health insurance carriers for all income levels ( in and out of the exchange) and will guide you into the best plan possible for you and your family. We also have numerous plans to offer for Medicare clients as well. There is ZERO additional cost for our services or for placing your coverage through our agency. Why not be well represented by a local broker who will always have your best interest in mind.... take advantage of this free service! Please call 206 842 7410 to set your appointment.

Health Insurance updates

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With the current state of government and mandated health care looming, it would appear new health insurance options are on the near horizon. We are working diligently to keep up on the progress and changes to plans and new options for clients.

We encourage you to ask questions and call us anytime to review your current plan. We look forward to helping you!


2013 Spring Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance

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If you are considering changing, upgrading or enrolling in an individual health insurance plan for you and your family.....the time is now!

Open enrollment for individual health insurance , starts on 3/15/2013 and runs until 4/30/2013.

This is one of two chances annually to add children age 19 and under to an individual health policy...do not miss this timeframe!

We currently have many plan options to choose from and feel we can fit everyone's needs and budget.

Call us today to setup a time to enroll.



Consumer Health Insurance Information

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As with other kinds of insurance, there are several types of health insurance.

Major medical plans typically cover a comprehensive array of healthcare needs, including doctors' visits, drugs and hospital care. These benefits can be delivered in several different ways:

Indemnity plans - These major medical plans typically have a deductible - the amount you pay before the insurance company begins paying benefits. After your covered expenses exceed the deductible amount, benefits usually are paid as a percentage of actual expenses, often 80 percent. These plans usually provide the most flexibility in choosing where to receive care.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans - In these major medical plans, the insurance company enters into contracts with selected hospitals and doctors to furnish services at a discounted rate. As a member of a PPO, you may be able to seek care from a doctor or hospital that is not a preferred provider, but you will probably have to pay a higher deductible or co-payment.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans - These major medical plans usually make you choose a primary care physician (PCP) from a list of network providers. Your PCP is responsible for managing all of your healthcare. If you need care from any network provider other than your PCP, you may have to get a referral from your PCP to see that provider. You must receive care from a network provider in order to have your claim paid through the HMO. Treatment received outside the network is usually not covered, or covered at a significantly reduced level.
Point of Service (POS) plans - These major medical plans are a hybrid of the PPO and HMO models. They are more flexible than HMOs, but do require you to select a primary care physician (PCP). Like a PPO, you can go to an out-of-network provider and pay more of the cost. However, if the PCP refers you to an out-of-network doctor, the health plan will pay the cost.
Limited benefit plans provide coverage for a particular healthcare setting, ailment or disease.

Here are some of the options that may be available to you:

Basic Hospital Expense Coverage - Covers a period of usually not less than 31 days of continuous in-hospital care and certain hospital outpatient services.
Basic Medical-Surgical Expense Coverage - Covers costs associated with a necessary surgery, including a certain number of days of in-hospital care.
Hospital Confinement Indemnity Coverage - Covers a fixed amount for each day that you are in a hospital.
Accident Only Coverage - Covers death, dismemberment, disability or hospital and medical care caused by an accident.
Specified Disease Coverage - Covers diagnosis and treatment of a specifically named disease or diseases, such as cancer.
Other Limited Coverage - You may purchase insurance covering only dental or vision or other specified care.
Additional coverage options provide added protection should you become disabled, require long-term care or enroll in Medicare:

Disability Income - This coverage provides for weekly or monthly benefit payments while you are disabled after a covered injury or sickness.
Long-Term Care Insurance - This policy usually pays for skilled, intermediate and custodial care in a nursing home, as well as care in other settings, such as the home, adult day care center or assisted living facility. The policy usually pays a fixed amount per day while a person is receiving care.
Medicare Supplemental Coverage - The federal Medicare program pays most medical expenses for people 65 or older, or for individuals under 65 receiving Social Security disability benefits. However, Medicare does not pay all expenses. As a result, you may want to buy a Medicare supplement policy that helps pay for certain expenses, including deductibles not covered by Medicare.
The following are two types of health-related services that are NOT health insurance plans:

Discount Plans - You may receive advertisements from plans offering discounts on healthcare for a monthly fee. These are not health insurance plans, and participants do not have the same protections as under licensed health insurance. Your insurance commissioner strongly recommends that you thoroughly investigate any plan promising deep discounts for a "low" monthly fee and weigh the benefits against the costs carefully.
Non-Licensed Risk-Sharing Plans - You may receive offers to join a group or association that will take your monthly payments, put them in a savings account or trust with other participants' money, and then help pay some of your health care costs, as needed. Such arrangements are NOT insurance and the participants do not have the protections available to purchasers of licensed insurance plans. Your insurance commissioner strongly recommends that you thoroughly investigate such plans before joining.
Health insurance - whether provided by your employer or purchased independently by yourself - can be expensive. Here are some ways you can control your costs:

If you're married and both spouses work at jobs that provide health insurance, compare these policies and their costs to see which one best fits your needs. Look beyond the monthly amount you must pay and closely evaluate covered services, co-pay requirements, deductibles and reimbursement levels so that you make the best choice for your family and your pocketbook.
Many plans offer a menu of options. Regularly review your situation, and adjust your options to meet changing needs.
Stay in-network as much as possible, making sure to obtain referrals as required.
Many plans require pre-certification for certain tests and procedures. Know your plan, and make sure you comply with these requirements to avoid paying penalties.
Hold onto all receipts for medical services. Even though your intent may be to always stay in-network, you never know when an accident, out-of-town emergency room visit or unexpected illness might cause you to incur out-of-pocket expenses that exceed even a high deductible.
Check to see if your employer offers a flexible spending account. These plans, which allow you to set aside pretax dollars for medical expenses and childcare, are a good way to reduce your out-of-pocket medical costs.
Finally, consider combining a high-deductible catastrophic plan with a health savings account (HSA). An HSA is a tax-sheltered savings account similar to an IRA, but earmarked for medical expenses. Deposits are 100 percent tax-deductible for the self-employed and can be easily withdrawn by check or debit card to pay routine medical bills with tax-free dollars. Larger medical expenses are covered by a low-cost, high- deductible health insurance policy. What is not used from the account each year stays in the account and continues to grow interest on a tax-favored basis to supplement retirement, just like an IRA. Employers are beginning to offer HSAs to their employees as a health insurance option.

1990 - 2006 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

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