Auto insurance rates explained..well sort of!

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New drivers, young drivers, older drivers? Why do auto rates start high and eventually end just as high? I call it the "Insurance inverted bell curve" . When you are a young or a new/inexperienced driver, rates are high . As you gain experience, build a quality driving record, credit, and ability to pay, the rates slowly but surely decline until you are paying the best rates EVER in your late 30's thru early 60's. YET WAIT FOR your age increases past age 60, rates will slowly again increase. The " surprise" increase is based on long-term data collected about drivers. It is shown as drivers get older, the reflexes slow a bit, eyesight may not be what it once was...yet the confidence in your ability remains at an all time high. Eventually this leads to accidents and hence higher rates. Like any demographic, there is clear exceptions to this rule, but as a whole, this is the thought process in for thought.

Healthcare Open Enrollment- final day

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Today is the last business day of this years healthcare open enrollment. 2/13//15. We offer many carriers and options outside and inside the Exchange program. Please call us today if you still need help! 206 842 7410

Broad Form...what is it really?

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Broad Form coverage....contrary to ad's on TV actually designed for those, who DO NOT own a vehicle and need insurance coverage . Many folks are mislead to believe that if you own multiple cars, you can simply carry Broad Form coverage and have all the vehicles covered. This is untrue and can cause a major issue for you! If you own a car, you must have the car listed and covered for at least liability , per WA state law. We are here to help further unravel this confusion for us anytime .

Health Insurance Open Enrollment ends 2/15/15

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The open enrollment period for health insurance is quickly closing. There is less than a month left to enroll and the final day is 2/15/15. If you have questions, concerns, confusions, desire coverage etc...PLEASE call us! We offer no pressure, FREE consultations to discuss your health insurance needs. We offer plans both inside and outside the Washington Exchange program and also numerous carrier options ...both PPO and HMO style plans. Our number is 206 842 7410...Rita or Jenna can set you up on our calendar today!

Health Insurance Open enrollment is still going!

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Their is still time to enroll in a heath plan! DO NOT miss open enrollment. We offer plans within the health exchange or on the private market. Numerous carriers , deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and doctor options...something to fit everyone. Call us today! 206 842 7410

Health Insurance / Medicare Insurance

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Wow ,it is confusing!!! Have questions about : Affordable Care Act, Washington Healthfinder Website, Open Enrollment dates , Medicare Supplements, Open Market Health Insurance vs. Exchange plans We can help answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and offer you a proper plan for your lifestyle and budget. At our agency we make time to hear your concerns, outline what is best for you and facilitate placing the coverage. All at a cost of ZERO dollars for our service!!!!

Health insurance options for 2014

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Changes, Changes, and more Changes....Our agency is prepared. Whether you qualify for coverage in the new Washington Health Exchange or not...WE CAN HELP! If you are unsure if you qualify, we can help determine that as well. We represent quality health insurance carriers for all income levels ( in and out of the exchange) and will guide you into the best plan possible for you and your family. We also have numerous plans to offer for Medicare clients as well. There is ZERO additional cost for our services or for placing your coverage through our agency. Why not be well represented by a local broker who will always have your best interest in mind.... take advantage of this free service! Please call 206 842 7410 to set your appointment.