Bainbridge Island Health Insurance Experts

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Question of the week! What is health insurance " special enrollment "? As we all know, the current health insurance marketplace is closed for open enrollment and you can no longer apply until the end of this year. What many folks don't know ..... their is exceptions to this rule and some people may still qualify to enroll ! Listed below are the most common exceptions. If you have : 1. Lost a job, left a job, employer went of business, employer stopped offering health coverage 2. Moved to a new location where your prior insurance is not accepted at the doctors who are now local to you 3. Have been divorced, widowed or separated 4. Have relocated from another state Their is many more obscure scenarios that apply as well. At Eagle Harbor Insurance we are here to listen and discuss your situation. I am sure we can help!

Independent Insurance Broker / Agent advantages on Bainbridge Island

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Sleep better knowing an Independent Insurance Broker/ Agent is on your side! An Independent Broker/ Agent: 1. Is a value hunter - our brokers look for the best combination of price, coverage, and service. The broker works for YOU, not the insurance carrier. They know the local Bainbridge Island demographic well. All of our brokers and agents are longtime residents of Bainbridge Island. 2. Offers one-stop shopping. With one call or visit, you have access to multiple lines of coverage for all your needs. Independent agents vary, but most offer a full range of auto, home, rental, business, life, health and flood products. 3. Is committed to customer satisfaction - their livelihood depends on it. Without our local Bainbridge community support, we would not exist. 4. Treats you as a person - not a number. We reference all of our clients by name, not a policy number. When you call, simply state who you are and we are off and running! 5. Becomes your consultant/advisor for the present and future - helping you to protect your valuable assets. This relates to not only tangible wealth , but also to family and as they grow. 6. Provides personalized claims service. No need to navigate a phone chain - Your independent agent can contact your insurance carrier directly to help smooth out the claims process. We have a 24hr a day, LOCAL line you can call to speak to one of us directly. 7. Listens. How better to help determine your needs? We want to get to know you and your family. 8. Has strong community ties. Look around you - PTA, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Soccer club, etc. Chances are your local insurance broker/ agent is right beside you building a stronger community!

Spring Insurance Review time

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Well, spring is almost here! This means many things for your personal insurance. For Bainbridge Islander's it means breaking out the boats, jet skis, rowing skulls, motorcycles, scooters and just about any other off road or water machine you can imagine. As your trusted insurance broker, I urge you to call us , take five minutes, and make sure your coverage is correct, up to date, and make sure we add any new off season purchases. Insurance on "toys" can easily be overlooked, yet the risk and ramifications are equal to the risk of driving your car. Please do not overlook the importance of this! We can do a full overview review of your insurance right on the phone , quick and efficiently. Like our motto states " we don't sell insurance, we help people buy it"

Homeowner insurance on Bainbridge Island

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Bainbridge Island is a curious place for Homeowners insurance. Bainbridge is an island by definition ,which usually indicates limited access, limited fire departments, high protection class codes, and overall semi isolation. In our insurance brokerage, we have worked with our insurance carriers/ underwriters to better define the island risk . The end result ? Essentially we can get this rated much like any other midtown population base and eliminate the " island rating surcharge". What does this mean for you as a consumer? It means lower rates and broader coverage options! Great news! Hartford * Kemper * Guide One * Foremost* Red Shield * Chubb * Fireman's Fund Currently our top tier carriers

Auto insurance rates explained..well sort of!

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New drivers, young drivers, older drivers? Why do auto rates start high and eventually end just as high? I call it the "Insurance inverted bell curve" . When you are a young or a new/inexperienced driver, rates are high . As you gain experience, build a quality driving record, credit, and ability to pay, the rates slowly but surely decline until you are paying the best rates EVER in your late 30's thru early 60's. YET WAIT FOR your age increases past age 60, rates will slowly again increase. The " surprise" increase is based on long-term data collected about drivers. It is shown as drivers get older, the reflexes slow a bit, eyesight may not be what it once was...yet the confidence in your ability remains at an all time high. Eventually this leads to accidents and hence higher rates. Like any demographic, there is clear exceptions to this rule, but as a whole, this is the thought process in for thought.