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Insurance Claims Clarity with Eagle Harbor Insurance

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A few common claims questions asked by Eagle Harbor Insurance clients today , after the big Bainbridge Island  storm:

1. A tree fell from my neighbors property onto my house causing damage. Who is responsible ?

Answer: It depends, if the tree was healthy and posed no danger prior to the storm, it is considered an act of god and is essentially nobodys fault. Thus placing the insurance coverage responsibility on the homeowner who incurred the damage….
Conversely, if you had a professional inspect the tree and deem it unsafe /dangerous PRIOR to the storm ….You properly informed the neigbor of the risk, you may have some recourse against the neighbor for negligence.

2. Standing water entered our downstairs via the sliding glass doors, am I covered via my homeowners coverage?

Answer: This is a firm NO, exterior standing water is considered flooding and only covered via a flood policy. Homeowners policy exclude flood coverage completely.

3. Wind driven rain entered my house via the soffet vents and skylight, am I covered?

Answer: Absolutely, this is a covered peril on a Ho-3 homeowners form. This will indeed be covered , less the deductible!

More questions on claims? Call us anytime !

Health Care options with Eagle Harbor Insurance

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Need health insurance? Want to change health insurance ?Confused on how to enroll? Confused on when to enroll?

Do not delay any longer!

Health care Open Enrollment is happening NOW and here at Eagle Harbor Insurance we can help meet your needs!

We offer both PPO and HMO health insurance products that , offer plan options for both your current medical needs and area you live in provider wise.

Please call us at (206) 842-7410 to setup a time to come chat about your enrollment options.

We look forward to helping you.

Halloween Driving Safety tips On Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County

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Excellent Halloween safety tips for ALL drivers, keep our kids safe!

Don’t use a cell phone or other electronic device while driving on Halloween night. You shouldn’t be doing this anyway, the rate of cell phone related auto accidents has jumped dramatically since the use of cell phones and texting has risen so high. Some states have already made laws concerning this and others are working on it.

Pay extra attention, particularly to crosswalks, intersections and the side of …the road. Kids tend to walk along the curbs, cutting across the street to get to other homes. Keep scanning all around you as you drive, whether as thru traffic or along with your kids as they trick-or-treat.

Drive below the posted speed limit in residential areas during trick-or-treating hours. This will allow you time to break if you see a child dart in front of you.

Do not pass other vehicles that have stopped in the roadway, they could be dropping off children. This is more common in rural areas but can happen anywhere.

Make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars. Left them know if they carry a flash light to never shine it in the eyes of a driver. This can cause blindness on the drivers part temporarily and they may not see your child.

If you are dropping off or picking up your kids in an area, pull off the road into a safe spot and turn on your hazard lights to alert other motorists. If you go with your kids from door to door, leave the hazard lights on so other drivers can see your car parked there.

Wishing everyone a fun, yet spooky Halloween!!

What is ” ObamaCare” , Affordable Care Act , Health Care Open Enrollment, Preexisting Conditions ?? Eagle Harbor Insurance has the answers!

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We have been getting asked the questions above on a daily, or shall we say hourly basis lately. The answers to the above questions are fairly simple, yet can vary slightly from person to person , based on income, residency, age, etc.

With open enrollment starting 11/1/2015 it is time to get your questions answered!

Please give us a ring at (206) 842 7410

We can setup a time to meet,  answer your SPECIFIC questions, put your mind at ease, and give you a full spectrum of options for 1/1/2016 enrollment.

Hopefully we will speak soon.


Health Care Open Enrollment dates 11/1/2015 thru 1/31/2016 ** Bainbridge / Poulsbo / Bremerton / Kingston / Suquamish **

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Healthcare Open Enrollment will commence on 11/1/15  and run thru 1/31/2016.

At Eagle Harbor Insurance we service all of Western Washington for healthcare insurance , specializing in Kitsap County ( Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston, Suquamish, Bremerton, Indianola, Port Orchard).

Like always Eagle Harbor Insurance offers both PPO and HMO  health insurance products with HSA,  Bronze , Silver, or Gold plans available.  We also offer small or large group plans and can custom tailor them to fit your needs.  Dental and Vision Insurance is available as well.

Eagle Harbor Insurance is also a registered broker for the Washington State Health Exchange ( Washington Healthplanfinder) . We can help place low cost or no cost plans for those that qualify.

If you would like a no pressure, friendly, and free consultation please let us know. We can explain all of your options and plan costs/coverages  for 2016.

Time and space is a bit limited , so please call sooner than later to setup your consultation.  (206) 842-7410

We look forward to helping you!



Eagle Harbor Insurance offers ANY type of Business and/or Commercial Property insurance!!

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At Eagle Harbor Insurance we have always and currently offer over 30 top tier insurance carriers, for your business and commercial property  insurance needs. We offer coverage as low as 425.00  for a small business owners policy and also offer coverage for  complex risks such as shopping centers, gun ranges, sports arenas, medical practices,  office buildings, childcare centers, churches , etc.

We have in house,  same day quotes , for preferred markets risks as well!

Some current examples of risks we placed last month are:

Dental office – 755.00

Medical Records office 425.00

Accounting Firm Office 425.00

Dog Day Care Center 825.00

Soccer Club 1250.00

Yoga studio 550.00

Farm to Table style restaurant 3800.00

1-502 Zoned Commercial building 5600.00

If you need commercial insurance of any kind, call Eagle Harbor Insurance today, we  GUARANTEE  a coverage plan and carrier will be found to fit your risk, no matter how big , small or odd!




Need Errors & Omissions Coverage / Professional Liability? What is this coverage? At Eagle Harbor Insurance we write it ALL and can explain it ALL!!

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Business owners inevitably find themselves in a spot needing Errors and Omissions Insurance ( E/O) or Professional Liability Insurance ( P/L) ( these are actually one in the same). We see more and more corporate businesses and municipalities requiring this coverage from vendors or consultants, with respect to awarding work contracts, etc.

So the big question….. what is this insurance and why do I need it?

E/O or P/L is coverage for the intangibles.  Essentially it covers you for the items not covered by a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy.  Your advice , professional opinion,  direction on a project, or otherwise human error is covered by this policy.


If you offer a solution to a Bainbridge traffic issue,  and it is implemented  with disastrous results, you could be held liable for the costs and issues it has caused.  If you make a clerical mistake, forget file something, forget to place coverage, etc, this policy will respond with coverage.

Examples of professionals that can benefit from this coverage are:  Lawyers, Brokers, CPA, Architect, Technology Consultants, Guardians, Program Directors, Sports Agents…..the list goes on and on.

Every policy is different and we can fine tune a policy to meet you needs. We even work with underwriters who can literally build a policy for your risk.

Please call us …we can help!  (206) 842 7410



Eagle Harbor Insurance voted #1 Insurance Brokerage/ Agency in the 2015 Best on Bainbridge !!!

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Eagle Harbor Insurance was voted #1 Insurance Brokerage in the 2015 Best of Bainbridge!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and the huge amount of community support given to all the businesses!

We are lucky to work, live, and thrive on this gorgeous island. We look forward to serving our community for years to come!

***Choose Local – Shop Local – Support Local***

All the results can be viewed at : http://www.bainbridgereview.com/green_editions/

Fender Bender on Bainbridge Island or anywhere for that matter ! What do I do?

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What do I do in the event of a simple fender bender accident, with no injuries?

This question comes up often  at Eagle Harbor Insurance and it seems many folks are unclear as to what to do, what to provide, etc.

Simple answer: Both parties are required to exchange insurance policy information and a form of contact information. It is also recommended that the local police are called and a simple statement is filed, if possible.

**Please remember, regardless of fault, this is stressful for all parties involved. Arguing, yelling at or threatening the other party, achieves nothing and just delays the claims process.

This is exactly why we have insurance and why they call it an accident!

Your Bainbridge Student headed to college….insurance coverage they truly need!

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Kids preparing to go to college? What if any insurance do we need for them?

Insurance coverage for Dorms vs. Private rental homes

If your child will be staying in the dorms at college, good news!Most homeowners insurance will offer an extension/ endorsement of coverage, to cover your child while in the dorms. The endorsement offers limited contents coverage and will extend your liability coverage to them. The dorm must be school supervised and recognized as school housing.

If your child will be renting a private residence , by themselves or with friends, it is imperative they get their own insurance. They will need a renters insurance policy ( Ho-4). This policy will cover their contents and offer them the much needed liability coverage . The cost of this can be as low as 125.00 annually!

Don’t let this coverage slip through the crack. Cost is minimal and placing coverage takes about 15 minutes.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you think we can help! (206) 842 7410