Health Insurance / Medicare Insurance

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Wow ,it is confusing!!! Have questions about : Affordable Care Act, Washington Healthfinder Website, Open Enrollment dates , Medicare Supplements, Open Market Health Insurance vs. Exchange plans We can help answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and offer you a proper plan for your lifestyle and budget. At our agency we make time to hear your concerns, outline what is best for you and facilitate placing the coverage. All at a cost of ZERO dollars for our service!!!!

Health insurance options for 2014

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Changes, Changes, and more Changes....Our agency is prepared. Whether you qualify for coverage in the new Washington Health Exchange or not...WE CAN HELP! If you are unsure if you qualify, we can help determine that as well. We represent quality health insurance carriers for all income levels ( in and out of the exchange) and will guide you into the best plan possible for you and your family. We also have numerous plans to offer for Medicare clients as well. There is ZERO additional cost for our services or for placing your coverage through our agency. Why not be well represented by a local broker who will always have your best interest in mind.... take advantage of this free service! Please call 206 842 7410 to set your appointment.

Washington Health Benefit Exchange....we can help!!!

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Confused, alarmed, upset , possibly excited about the new health care plans and requirements?  We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the maze of new plans, financial options and proper carriers.

Please call us anytime...we can fully explain your options, enroll you in proper plans,  and fill you in on what to expect from your new health plan come 1/1/2014.

Health Insurance updates

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With the current state of government and mandated health care looming, it would appear new health insurance options are on the near horizon. We are working diligently to keep up on the progress and changes to plans and new options for clients.

We encourage you to ask questions and call us anytime to review your current plan. We look forward to helping you!


2013 Spring Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance

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If you are considering changing, upgrading or enrolling in an individual health insurance plan for you and your family.....the time is now!

Open enrollment for individual health insurance , starts on 3/15/2013 and runs until 4/30/2013.

This is one of two chances annually to add children age 19 and under to an individual health not miss this timeframe!

We currently have many plan options to choose from and feel we can fit everyone's needs and budget.

Call us today to setup a time to enroll.



Annuties and longterm financial planning

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Considering an investment ? Long-term financial stability? Earmark money for college? 

A annuity could be the answer....offering both security and growth.

With interest rates at an all time low and T bills gaining virtually no interest , an annuity has never been a more logical long-term option.

We offer over two dozen different products with ten top tier carriers.

Please call us today for a free consultation.



Insurance Coverage vs Premium

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With the current economic downturn, we all have been bombarded by on-line and television ads, claiming lower insurance rates, promising to keep more money in your pocket. Buyer beware! Many of these, so called "lower rates" , are actually Insurance Companies, offering lower coverage levels or omitting quality "optional" coverages , without clearly clarifying this to the consumer. The ad claims of lower premium fail to mention less coverage and less personal service. I urge anyone considering the on-line or direct call insurance option to always consult with their current insurance agent or broker, before making a change. A savings of $80.00 dollars now,  may  seem enticing, but what if you knew this could cost you 100,000 in coverage in the event of a claim? I would surmise , your opinion on the savings would change.

The fine balance between coverage and premium is something you can ONLY achieve through a qualified agent or broker. This service does not cost anything additional and you as a consumer  deserve to sleep well at night knowing you are properly covered.


Winter checklist for your home

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It's that time of year again....WINTER!

As with any other season, preparation is key.

Here is a simple exterior checklist we recommend to keep your home in good working order..... starting from the roof and working your way down:

1.  Chimney cap, be sure your chimney has a chimney cap of some sort, preventing water entry into the chimney and conversely preventing hot embers from escaping the chimney.

2.  Roof, if your roof is over eight to ten years old, consider having it inspected by a qualified roofer to ensure it is still in good working order. $30 spent on this inspection now, can prevent a huge headache in the midst of winter.

3.  Gutters, be sure gutters are clean, fully connected and that they have adequate downspouts/ splash-guards, guiding water downhill and away from the dwelling.

4.  Siding and window trim, a simple walk around the home can end up saving thousands. Check for cracked, buckled or missing siding and replace/repair accordingly. With any siding or window issues, we always encourage homeowners to seek the help of a licensed professional.

5.  Water spigots and hoses, be sure to cover spigots with an insulated wrap ( can be found at any local hardware store for less than three dollars) and be sure to unhook , drain and coil all hoses.

6.  Crawl space and pipes, this may be a job for your local licensed handyman. Be sure all exposed pipes in your crawl space are wrapped with pipe insulation to prevent freezing or bursting. To prevent ground moisture, mold, and water from building up in the crawl space, make sure the crawl space floor is lined with 6ml plastic.

7.  Property grounds, when the inevitable freeze and snow arrives, consider salting your walkways, driveways, and stairways. It may cause a bit of a mess, but preventing any major slip and fall is well worth the cleanup time in the spring.